GIS For Municipal Utilities

  • Establishing a GIS can offer a wide range of tools to support a municipality or utility organization in efficiently and effectively managing their utility networks and assets. Through a combination of field data collection and office compilation, as well as leveraging essential data from county government, Sidwell is capable of providing a robust mapping solution for the following utility networks:

    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Telecommunication
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Storm Sewer Networks

    Municipal Utilities have numerous responsibilities and provide many services, many of which are concerned with geographic locations. Sidwell has the expertise to help you become more efficient by mapping these locations and providing you with a GIS to more effectively support your responsibilities and services. Sidwell�s GIS Professional Services and Solutions include:

    • GIS Design
    • GIS Data Creation
    • GIS Implementation
    • GIS Compilation
    • GIS Data Maintenance
    • GIS Software Solutions
    • Portico
    • GPS/GNSS Field Data Collection
    • Project Management