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Crop Health Monitoring and crop senses

Utilize Remote Sensing and GIS for Comprehensive Analysis.

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Power line transmission fault detection solution

Enabling Precise Monitoring & Analysis of Power Line Transmission Faults.

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Arc UN migration

Assessment, Planning, Design & Architecture.

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Digital twin for Utilities and smart cities

Real-Time Monitoring, Operational Optimization

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Welcome To SVK Systems

SVK Systems is an international software GIS development and Business Process Outsourcing company based in USA, specializing in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions. SVK Systems, employ highly qualified software development engineers and process executives to work closely with clients bringing integrity and passion to every collaboration, enabling organizations to leverage GIS and related technologies effectively for integrated business decisions. We provide our clients with the security and operational development framework they require.

Renowned for our innovative enterprise SVK Systems solutions built on ESRI technology, the SVK Systems is committed to delivering excellence across the USA and Canada.

About SVK Systems

Founded in 2003, SVK Systems offers a wide range of GIS information technology services and outsourcing and is recognized as one of the leading software solution providers in the United States and Canada.

Let’s Discover Our Service Features Charter

SVK GIS Services offers expert geographic information system (GIS) solutions, spatial analysis, and data visualization services to optimize decision-making.

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SVK GIS Application & Development: Innovating spatial data solutions, enhancing geospatial analysis, and providing custom GIS tools for efficient decision-making and management.

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SVK GIS Integration Services streamline geographic data management, enhancing decision-making, spatial analysis, and operational efficiency.

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SVK Systems 3D Web GIS solution for ports is designed to monitor vehicles, equipment, and sensors in real-time, tracking job assignments.

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SVK Arc UN Migration Service aids migrants with resettlement, legal assistance, housing, and integration, promoting human rights and welfare.

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SVK Digital Twin Services offers advanced simulation, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance for optimized asset management.

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