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Spatial Workflow Systems

Complete workflow management from planning and estimation to sanctioning, execution, and monitoring.

GIS Based Work Planning Management

Drawing on our decade-long collaboration with leading public sector organizations, SVK Systems has gained extensive knowledge of government processes and reengineering activities. Combining this domain expertise with our strong technological skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), bespoke application development, and enterprise-wide IT systems (such as CRM, SCADA, BPMS), we have developed an integrated web and mobile-enabled GIS-based Workflow Management System. This system is designed for efficient planning, implementation, and monitoring of the entire project lifecycle for various infrastructure development initiatives undertaken by Public Works Departments or Roads & Buildings Departments.

Our solution automates departmental processes and integrates with Power and Budget Heads from IFMS, Single Sign-On, e-Office, e-Signature, eProcurement, eVault, SMS/Email notifications, State Government GIS maps/applications, and Document Management Systems. Any work initiated in the department is accessible to JEs, AEs, CEs, SEs, etc., based on role and approving authority as per the Schedule of Power (SOP).

Key features include:

  • Easily customizable workflow to fit all types of projects.
  • Systematic management of workflow and approval processes at different project phases, handled by respective users according to organizational hierarchy and configurable SOP.
  • GIS-based work proposals and monitoring.
  • Configurable Basic Schedule Rate (BSR) and Non-BSR project estimation with automatic BOQ generation.
  • Efficient project management through planning, approval, implementation, monitoring, and project closure within a single system.
  • Tracking of ongoing and upcoming projects along with their status on a GIS map.
  • Geospatial technology-supported data analysis and reporting.
  • Work inspection via a mobile application (offline/online).
  • Mobile app for project implementation monitoring and geo-tagging of assets during various stages of construction.
  • e-Office
  • e-Signature
  • Document Management System
  • Asset Management System
  • Finance Management System

The system facilitates the initiation of proposals for all projects overseen by PWD/R&B, as well as the acquisition of Administration & Financial sanctions, NIT (Notice to Invite Tender), Post Bid, and Work Orders management through a web application seamlessly integrated with e-Office and e-Sign.

It is designed to generate various essential documents such as Preliminary Project Reports, Preliminary Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports, Work Planning, Admin Sanctions, Financial Sanctions, Notice to Invite Tenders, Post Bid activities, Generate Work Orders, Work Monitoring, and Work closure. These functionalities are accessible through both Web and Mobile applications, featuring embedded GIS maps for enhanced visualization. Additionally, dashboards and reports are provided for the Management team to monitor work progress effectively.

Track work progress in the field using a mobile application, enabling the capture of photographs, updating progress, and synchronizing data over the air. The application functions seamlessly in offline mode and is integrated with Single Sign-On (SSO) for enhanced security. Additionally, it is managed through Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Engineers have the ability to supplement BSR items directly from the mobile application, adhering to predefined rules within the application's framework.

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