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Port Realtime Locating System

SVK Systems 3D Web GIS solution for ports is designed to monitor vehicles, equipment, and sensors in real-time, tracking job assignments for vehicles and their operators while measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). This advanced solution not only enhances the 3D visualization of vehicles but also improves operational efficiency by calculating the number and types of containers to be loaded or unloaded in sequence using Z-values.

Port GIS offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire port ecosystem, integrating seamlessly with systems for asset management, material management, environmental monitoring, land management, and security.

CesiumJS, SVK SYSTEMS3DMap API, PostGIS, Microsoft .Net Web APIs, HTML5/CSS3/JS and ReactJS
  • Live tracking of Vehicles, Equipments and Sensors
  • Short term Lease Management
  • Scheduling Customer Inspections
  • Location based Field Inspections
  • Online Tracking
  • GIS dash board & Reports
  • Mobile Interface
  • In-App Calling to Vehicle Operator
  • Notifications & Alerts
  • Live Video feeds

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